Pions, where Automation meets Passion!

Pions is, a engineering, consulting and systems integrator company providing engineering solutions to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, steel, water, automobile, power and chemical industries. Pions Technologies is your trusted partner in Automation and Controls.

Why are we better than our competitors?
  • Well Qualified, Trained and Experienced engineering resources are assigned to project
  • Engineers are trained for new technologies in automation
  • Off-the shelf control modules: has developed library of standard device control modules e.g. Valve, Motor, VFD using various software. These Off-the shelf “ready to use” modules can be used to develop application software . Using these module helps reducing software Development time and minimizes bugs in the application code and simplifies testing.
  • Modular Programming: It is Pions Technologies’s standard practice to do modular programming for better

We are Authorized distributor for koyo electronics products in India and representing KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES CO.LTD.