Water Treatment Plant

Pions Technologies designed and built complete SCADA package for water and wastewater treatment plant. The control system was interfaced with centralized DCS so that plant can be either operated remotely from DCS control room or locally.

The Water treatment plant included: Plant Inlet, DAF and Clarification | Filtration | Ultra Filtration | Reverse Osmosis | Chemical Dosing Systems

Twin Stand Finishing Mill

  • The Level 1 Mill Area APC is responsible for guiding, monitoring, and controlling the rolling process from tail out of the strip from the roughing mill until the strip tails out of the laminar cooling system on last pass. The primary functions of the Mill Area APC include initial rolling setup of the Hot Strip Mill, mill equipment sequencing, and HAGC control while metal is in the mill. Additional Mill Area APC functions include: mill zeroing, mill stretch compensation, looper control, equipment calibration, and product tracking. The Mill Area APC also provides data required by the Level 2, the HMIs, and by the alarm system

  • System consists of a Level 2 computer system, a level 1 Area Process Controller (APC) consisting of a VME based Technological Control System and a PLC based Siemens S7-400 System, a Server PC, PC based OC

Twin Stand Finishing Mill